Sarah has recently received a huge honor from The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation! Sarah was honored with the 2014 Colonel John W. Thomason Jr. Award for Combat Art for her drawing, “What happens there doesn’t stay there.” Click on the “Charcoal” tab to see this drawing.

The Rothschild Art Collection, works of art by SARAH ROTHSCHILD:

Please enjoy viewing the various works of artist Sarah Rothschild. Sarah specializes in photo reproduction/referencing. She mostly creates from the reference of photographs she has personally taken or creates a whole new image by incorporating pieces of multiple photographs of her own. Her other specialty is still-life, as Sarah’s best work comes from her brain’s visual capabilities.

If you are looking for custom artwork to hang in your home or office or to give as a gift, please go to the “Contact the Artist” page and contact Sarah by email.

Please note that this website is continuously under construction as we work to better it and add items. Enjoy what’s here now and please check back soon for new works of art!

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Legal Note:

The images on this website are photographs of personal creations by artist Sarah Rothschild. At no time shall any other person(s) claim them as their own. At no time should these images be copied and used for profit or for any other purpose, besides viewing, without the knowledge and written consent of the artist. The artist, Sarah Rothschild, reserves the right to pursue legal action in the event that these guidelines are violated. Thank you for your cooperation.